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Welcome to . is a reliable news portal in Bengali. The name of our brand is revealing our goal. Nagarik means Citizens. We always let’s try to highlight the grievances , protests , miseries and angers of the citizens in our media. We don’t spread false and fake news and rumors in the name of journalism. We have an ideology and that’s patriotism. Our editorial board is very careful and cautious to selects contents . The contents published in are always inspired the readers to think anew.

It’s founded on 19th of September in 2019 by the group of journalists in Jalpaiguri town , a divisional headquarters of North Bengal division ,West Bengal ,India . We hope you always enjoy and like our reports ,columns and contents on various topics  which published in website regularly .If you have any questions ,comments and even complaints about our news please don’t hesitate to informed us. 



Nagarik Newz Dot Com Team

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